A personal approach to self managed super funds

Finesse is proud to hold a superannuation financial planning limited licence. That means we can keep an eye on all the interconnected and moving parts of your wealth puzzle, including setting up, managing and advising on superannuation and Self Managed Super Funds.

We carefully consider and provide all available options to anyone considering whether a Self Managed Superannuation Fund is in their best interest. Once a Fund has been recommended, we work with you to establish and commence the operations within the Fund.

Being able to advise and establish the Self Managed Superannuation Fund whilst keeping a keen eye on your business and personal affairs means we can maintain a holistic picture of your wealth puzzle.

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Simplifying trustee obligations

From understanding your obligations and confidently administering your Fund, to the preparation of annual documentation, Finesse ensures that operating your Self Managed Superannuation Fund is a breeze.

We can connect you with financial planners to assist you in determining which specific investments suit your risk and return profile. Together, we collaborate to ensure your Self Managed Superannuation Fund is established and humming along sweetly.

Your specialist in self managed superannuation fund compliance

Every year your Self Managed Superannuation Fund is required to prepare financial statements, prepare minutes of meetings, prepare an annual return and complete an audit.

With over 10 years of experience in Self Managed Superannuation Fund compliance, Finesse has the expertise required to take care of all your annual compliance requirements.

We work through the whole process on the Trustee’s behalf and collaborate with specialists in Self Managed Superannuation Fund audits. This collaboration ensures that your Fund is compliant and meets its obligations.

Most importantly, we prepare all compliance work here in our offices. We support local jobs with our steadfast commitment to never outsource any aspect of our work offshore. This way, our whole community benefits.

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