A new hat: Introducing The Coach

This year I’m trying to live by the advice I often counsel my clients. I’ve decided it’s time to walk the talk, and I’ve committed to spending more time with my family and connecting with what is important to me. So, when my son’s soccer team didn’t have a coach, it became the perfect opportunity to step up and introduce my new role as “The Coach”.

Before April 2022, I could not set up a soccer goal, only know a handful of rules and only watched a full professional soccer game during a Socceroos World Cup Final. I’ve watched from the sidelines as my son played his first season of junior soccer in 2021, but besides that, I’m an AFL girl through and through.

When the first emails came through advising that my son’s U9 soccer team didn’t have a coach for this winter season, I didn’t even consider volunteering. Besides my poor soccer knowledge, I’m running a business, struggling to find balance between work and home and haven’t spent the time on my health that I should be. There’s no way this is for me.

Yet a month later, the team still had no coach, and now this little voice is nagging me that perhaps I could manage it. 

I’d promised my family that the launch of Finesse Tax & Advisory would be accompanied by genuine intentions and actions to integrate my professional and personal lives. What better way to demonstrate that than by leaving work early on a Friday afternoon to coach soccer?

The push to step up came after I asked my son if he would want me to coach. His response was, “I don’t care who the coach is, I only want to play”. That was it. Volunteer email sent.


I’m writing this after our third week of training a group of ten under 9s who are enthusiastic, energetic and just love running around playing together. 

I’ve loved it.

I’ve learned how to put up soccer goals, training drills, team structures, and practised at home with my kids. Coaching a group of young children is completely rewarding; it’s a renewal of joy in time spent engaged in simple things like play and laughter.  

Perhaps the best thing is that I’m engaging in an activity outside my professional life for the first time in a long time. And it feels good.

The next best thing? My son is seeing his Mum step away from the office to not only take an interest in, but to actively participate in, one of his passions. Something I hope increases the connection we have and builds lifetime memories.

So for this winter, I’ll be leaving the office at 3:30 every Friday afternoon to coach my son’s U9 soccer team. I’ll be running around with them, getting rained on and puffing but loving every minute of it.

I’m available the rest of the week to help my clients, and I’m finally implementing some of the advice I have given many of you. Healthy people, families and communities mean healthy businesses, and balancing your health and wellbeing is as important as balancing your books. 

If you want to discover how working with me is different, or need to check in, book a time now.